We are blue yonder


Blue Yonder was formed in the early 2000’s. Our first album, Paradise, was released in 2009. After a brief hiatus, we returned with our current lineup. Our vocal prowess is apparent when you see us live and our solid musicianship shows in every performance. We look forward to seeing you at our next show!

Ian Oscar — lead vocals and guitar, harmonica
Blaine Doherty — lead vocals and guitar
Willie James Engel — lead vocals and guitar
Winston Quelch — guitar
Mathew Walker — drums and vocals
Lynn Wells — bass guitar



Ian Oscar

Ian and Winston Quelch were both working the Edmonton music scene in the 1970’s when they met and subsequently co-founded One Horse Blue, a country rock act recording on Wes Dakus’ label Vera Cruz Records. After several years with One Horse Blue, Ian and Winston moved on to form The Victory Group, with bassist David Heidt, keyboardist Mark Gajb, and drummer Don Strate. They moved the band to Vancouver and signed a publishing deal with Bruce Allen’s Penta Group. 

After several years in Vancouver, Ian moved to Calgary to be with family, and started Cowboys and Engines with Victory Group drummer Don Strate. Ian now resides in northeastern Alberta, commuting to Edmonton to work with Blue Yonder.

Blaine Doherty

Blaine started playing guitar when he was 11 years old. A year later, he began performing with his father, who played violin on various local television shows. Blaine's roots include old time and country music and evolved to include blue grass and rock. Playing in church bands, while singing in a male vocal group, introduced him to gospel and traditional hymns. Along the way, Blaine rounded out his musical talents by learning the violin, viola and flute.

Blaine's music background adds depth to Blue Yonder, with his unique guitar technique and sound and vocal range.

Willy James Engel

Willy James has been involved with music his whole life. He has been singing since he was a child and took 10 years of Royal Conservatory piano. He sang in many choirs while growing up and became interested in guitar at the age of 11. Willy James turned pro at 18 and never looked back. He has played in taverns, pubs, halls and arenas across Canada.

Willy James teamed up with Winston Quelch in the early 2000’s to form Blue Yonder and they have been with the band ever since.

Willy James sings lead vocals and plays guitar with Blue Yonder.

Winston Quelch

Winston and Ian Oscar were founding members of renowned country rock band One Horse Blue. After releasing several recordings, they went on to a new project named the Victory Group. With that group, more touring and recording ensued. 

After moving to Vancouver in 1987, Winston and Ian signed with Bruce Allen's PENTA company. During the Vancouver years, Winston collaborated with various musicians and was fortunate enough to get into the television industry, filming several commercials as well as appearing in different sitcoms. 

In 1995, Winston returned to Edmonton and eventually founded the current Blue Yonder with partners Lynn Wells, Willie James Engel, Ian Oscar, Blaine Doherty and Mathew Walker. The journey continues.

Matthew Walker

Drumming professionally since early 1983, Matthew has been a core member of various Canadian bands and a side-man for many artists; from Jake and The Blue Midnights to David Rotundo from Rachelle Van Zanten to Doug Jenson and The Feel Kings from Prisoner Band (formerly One Horse Blue) to Blue Yonder.

Matthew has been writing, recording and producing his own music since 2006, and leads his own band, singing from behind the drums.

Matthew perform on the drums and sing with today’s Blue Yonder, 

Lynn Wells

Lynn began playing bass in junior high school in 1965, during the advent of the Beatles, and has been involved in music ever since. Although he worked in many bands over the years, his long time affiliation as the bass player for Cold Feat gained Lynn some major notoriety. He has played with and managed bands, built and managed a recording studio and is currently the owner and sound engineer at Edmonton-based Atlyn Productions (atlyn.com), which offers sound and lighting rentals.